23 Nisan 2011 Cumartesi

Seven Days

As far as i know you could already be somebody else's honey, but i cant stop looking at you..i supposed to be ill be singing about love when your gauze distracts my every strum. i didn't know your name or where you came from, just noticed, I noticed..I.. I look in your eyes and oh,I found that look in your eye.I’ve realized all that matters..

Hey boy, yeah I’m talking to you! You, messy black hair..I think i'd like the way you’d smell. And the taste of a morning with you..I could be making this up, cuz all I ever wanted was that kind of..
No! yeess, you're still looking at me, fucking beautifully..

I can’t say goodbye, i'm not letting you go this time. Cuz that look in your eye never makes me cry..

And i'm waiting for that day and somehow i know you are, too. Yes, this time i won't let you go and somehow i feel you won't go.
When i look in your eyes, everything will be perfect.
Just seven days.

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